Aikido focuses on the use of pronounced dynamic movement in order to take control ofthe opponent while avoiding any excessive use of force.        Aikido is a Japanese martial art created by Morihei Ueshiba (O’Sensei or the Great Teacher). O ’Senseiwas born in 1883 in the city of Tanabe in Japan. As a young man, he practiced and researched various martial arts
like judo, kendo and jujitsu, which also represented his future life path. In 1927. he moved to Tokyo and opened his first dojo – the Aikikai Hombu Dojo.

 Ljubomir Vračarević became a master of aikido in 1971.     
During his first stayin Japan he practiced in the Hombo dojo with Kishomaru Ueshiba, Day 10, the son of the founder of Aikido Moriheja Uješiba.

Respecting the achievements of Japanese masters, he builds his style and is aikido modified into a martial art that is close to the mentality, constitution and tradition of Balkans.

Real aikido as one of the styles, is an authentic martial art that is recognized as extremely effective and applicable in everyday situations and in special programs for training of bodyguards and special units of the army and police.

Real aikido is a self-defense skill that gives the trainee the opportunity to, by improving the performance of certain techniques and various motor skills, develop their creativity and through research and improvement of their abilities create a combination of techniques in their own way. are: self-confidence, safety, self-esteem, self-control and exercise discipline.

Since real aikido is not a competitive sport, we mark the quality of work and progress, as in other martial arts, with different colors of belts from white to black. The black belt carries a master’s degree and through progress is marked with a black belt 1 Day – 9 Day, 10 Day is Soke (which means that he is the founder of a skill).

About IRAF

History and goals

Igor Petrovic founds the International Real Aikido Federation
The International Real Aikido Federation was created with the idea of self-defense techniques and the real they transmit aikido in their own way and through their own style, perfecting and adapting Ljubomir’s Vračarević techniques.

The International Real Aikido Federation aims to improve in the future skill in accordance with time and needs, spreads the skill both in the country and abroad as well would gather as many children, youth and all ages who want to work on themselves.


is there some age limitation?

No, everyone can train real aikido. Kids from 4 years start practicing aikido, aftger that ther’s no limitation.

is it dangerous ?

When practicing techniques, we do it in the least dangerous way possible, so because of that injuries are rare.

What are the benefits of real aikido?

Real aikido has a positive effect on the development of motor skills in all age categories,
gain strength, speed, coordination, explosiveness, as well as self-confidence, resistance to stress,
discipline, focus and determination.

What do I need for real aikido?

The first training is free!
All you need to start is a tracksuit, a T-shirt and good will.
You can contact us and arange your first training